How to Create an Online Course (in 72 Hours)

online course online course
  • 1. Commit to creating a course

  • 4 reasons why you need to create an online course

  • How courses account for 25-40% of my income

  • 2. Decide on a course topic

  • Ask your audience if you have one

  • Go to communities and look for problems to solve

  • Strategically analyze what your competitors sell

  • 3. Validate your course idea

  • The blog profitability test to validate your course idea within 30 minutes!

  • 4. Course curriculum & pricing

  • I recommend starting with a smaller course

  • My recommended course duration

  • 5. Course infrastructure

  • How to create a sales page, how to accept payments

  • How to host your videos and get the back-end set up

  • 6. Create your course content

  • How to create videos and worksheets for your course

  • The 7 tools you need to create quality course content

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