5 Top Tips for Effective Exam Revision

Effective exam revision Effective exam revision
  • 1. Start Early:

  • Don\'t leave it to last minute! Start revising a couple of weeks before your exams to give your brain time to absorb.

  • 2. Plan Your Time:

  • Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so plan wisely. Make a schedule to document what you will revise and when!

  • 3. Avoid Your Phone:

  • Revision is tough, but looking at social media every ten minutes won\'t help you learn! Put your phone away so you can focus.

  • 4. Practise:

  • Athletes don\'t win gold without rigorous training, and neither will you! Actively practising (e.g. doing mock exams) can help re-inforce knowledge.

  • 5. Take Breaks:

  • Your body needs rest in order to get stronger, and so does your brain! Be sure to take regular breaks during revision - your mind will thank you.

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