Chamber New Member Onboarding Checklist

Chamber New Member Checklist
  • Contact with New Member

  • Contact them with how they contacted you (phone, email, etc)

  • Break up communication into a few emails to get them started

  • Ways to increase your marketing reach with the chamber

  • understanding the chamber calendar, including how to add your own business events or sign-up for the chamber’s

  • Learning opportunities with the chamber

  • Onboarding New Member

  • Mentoring: match each of your new members with a loyal member. Bonus if that person is a good fit for the type of business the new member has. This relationship could also be less formal and the chamb

  • Send Welcome packet.

  • Suggest pertinent training or networking events based on their business.

  • Welcome breakfast.

  • Pass along interesting stats about membership in infographic form, including average number of referrals or training costs saved through membership. This can also be part of your onboarding drip campa

  • Do a social media announcement. Make it interesting. Include more than the business name and “welcome.”

  • Keep an eye out for the new member at the first event. When you see them make a meaningful introduction.

  • Touch base after two weeks and a month. Find out if their needs are being met. Listen for what they might need but aren’t saying.

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