Blog Promotion: How to Promote and Market your Blog Posts Daily

daily blog promotion daily blog promotion

  • Check analytics to see if any of your blogs are ranking for new keywords

  • Can you write or update your post(s) in any way to increase ranking?

  • Link your newest blog to any other related blog posts you have

  • Write a new blog post connecting your other blog posts

  • Create an interesting content upgrade for your blog posts

  • Add more images or create an infographic


  • Make sure you share your newest post on your facebook page. Pose a question, share with a photo, write a clever caption

  • Post or schedule your older posts to go out on your facebook page at least every other day.

  • Set up IFTT or something similar. All facebook post also post on your Twitter account

  • Join relevant Facebook groups, they might even let you share your content


  • Send out your newest post via Twitter. Use relevant hastags

  • Use Buffer or something similar to schedule tweets. Use phrases, quotes, images, infographic, etc from your post

  • Use a spreadsheet to keep track of what you have schedule so you can easily reschedule in a few weeks or months time


  • Create a story around your post

  • Go live to discuss your post

  • Post your newest posts to your link in bio


  • Have you create a pinable image on your post yet?

  • If you have, create another one just to share on Pinterest. You don\'t have to embed on your post, but you can see over time which one is doing better

  • Pin at least 5 other pins that are related to your brand, company, etc

  • Follow 2 new accounts on Pinterest

  • Join a Pinterest group


  • Send out a email around your new blog topic

  • If you already have, create a new email and send out to only the sign-ups who didn\'t open it last time.


  • Join H.A.R.O and look for blogging opportunities, interview opportunities, or answer interview questions.

  • This is something you can check early every day

  • Look for podcast opportunities. Podcast are always looking for guests

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