Weekly Twitter Tasks for Your Social Media Manager

Weekly Twitter Tasks Weekly Twitter Tasks
  • Make sure by the end of the week you have engaged and responded to all followers

  • Run a simple contest or host a live event

  • Find new accounts to follow (look within your network, see who your followers are following, follow engaging and interesting account, look for accounts that tweet often)

  • Create new and engaging tweets to add to your Twitter campaign

  • Create new images, stats, infographics, etc for your campaign tweets

  • Pin your best tweet to the top of your page (change every week or so)

  • Find new daily/weekly Twitter chats to join

  • Look for micro influencers to partner with to help grow your brand or products and create pitches for micro influencers

  • Create pitches for micro influencers

  • If you use Twitter ads, make sure you are monitoring them

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