Quick SEO Blog Post Checklist

  • IMAGE(s)

  • Does your blog post have a FEATURED IMAGE?

  • Do you have another image or two in your post? Make one of them a PINABLE IMAGE

  • Is your image labeled correctly with your FOCUS KEYWORD/KEY PHRASE?

  • Fill out your ALTERNATIVE TEXT

  • Fill out your TITLE

  • Fill out your DESCRIPTION


  • BLOG POST should be at least 1000 to 2000 words

  • KEYWORD should be in first paragraph of the post and bolded

  • KEYWORD/ KEY PHRASE should be used multiple times throughout post

  • KEYWORD/KEY PHRASE should be in title of post

  • PARAGRAPHS should include H2,H3 headings (use keyword in headings)

  • PARAGRAPHS should be less than 300 words

  • Your URL SLUG should be short and include your focus keyword

  • Correct READABILITY issues (if you have Yoast, it should be green)

  • Fill out your FOCUS KEYWORD

  • CATEGORIES should be selected

  • Add lots of TAGS that are relevant to your topic

  • Should include OUTBOUND AND INBOUND LINKS in your post

  • META DESCRIPTION should be fill out

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