Weekly Social Media Checklist (for all social media platforms)

Weekly Social Media Checklist Weekly Social Media Checklist

  • Look at your analytics on all your social media accounts. Take notes that you can use to help you create your monthly social media audit

  • Review your current social media campaigns, are they preforming? Make updates or create new ads if needed

  • Make sure you have responded to questions/comments across all social media platforms (don\'t forget your blog articles)

  • Monitor your keywords, research new keywords, look for trending topics

  • Research your competitors (did any of their content do especially well, take notes)

  • Follow a few new accounts and engage with them

  • Work on this month\'s content calendar (you should be creating new content almost every day)

  • Go live on either Facebook or Instagram. It\'s good to do at least one per week (this should be on your content calendar)

  • Join a Twitter chat (at least a few times per week)

  • Respond to emails, work on partnerships

  • Schedule and hold a weekly team meeting (make any updates to content calendar, start working on next month\'s calendar)

  • Research any new social media news/articles/updates

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