Monthly Social Media Checklist (for all social media platforms)

Monthly Social Media Checklist Monthly Social Media Checklist
  • TASKS YOU SHOULD BE DOING MONTHLY (these tasks should be completed a few days before month\'s end)

  • Review your analytics on all your social media accounts and use your notes to help you create your monthly social media audit

  • Track and review your growth across all social media platforms

  • Review and audit your current social media campaigns. Did you meet your monthly goals?

  • Review current keywords, research new keywords, look for trending topics

  • Review and evaluate your social media strategy

  • Research your competitors (did any of their content do especially well, take notes)

  • Create your monthly audit report

  • Research upcoming holidays and events that you can use to help your brand or business

  • Schedule a brainstorming session with your social media team

  • Create your content calendar for the next month

  • Create new ads or update your ads for your social media campaigns

  • Update your social media bios if needed

  • Assign social media tasks for next month

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