Onboarding Checklist For Digital Marketing Clients

digital marketing onboarding checklist digital marketing onboarding checklist

  • Send out introduction email and include client questionnaire

  • Collect basic client contact information

  • Send out client proposal, contract, and invoice for first payment

  • Create a new client folder (paper/digital)

  • Receive signed contract and record first payment


  • Send out welcome email and set up first (discovery) meeting

  • Send out first meeting agenda

  • Request additional details from client (blog and social media details, usernames and passwords)

  • Take notes during discovery meeting with client


  • Marketing and campaign research for new client

  • Create marketing and campaign plan

  • Review with client and have client sign off on marketing plan

  • Create marketing timeline and have client sign off on timeline

  • Assign tasks to team (if you have one) and schedule a kickoff meeting with team

  • Set up additional meetings with client (monthly)

  • Invoice any additional payments with due dates or set up reoccurring monthly payment

  • Record project start date and begin project

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