Influencer Agreement/Contract Checklist

Influencer Agreement/Contract Checklist Influencer Agreement/Contract Checklist

  • Influencer name

  • Company/Blog

  • Date/Duration of the partnership

  • Description of the campaign/partnership/sponsorship

  • Description of deliverables

  • Describe frequency of deliverables and times to be delivered/posted/published/etc

  • Include which social media platforms will be use

  • Payment (describe how/when payment(s) will be made (include payment structure if needed)


  • Include schedule briefing session to cover all details and deliverables

  • Make sure influencer(s) agrees and signs of on all meetings and deliverables

  • Include brand messaging and brand voice in contract

  • Include content ownership clause (company/brand should be able to re-use, re-post, edit, modify, adapt, and translate the sponsored content for x period of time.)

  • State included content (hashtags, promo codes, links, tracking links, coupons, etc)

  • Include competitors and have influencer(s) sign off that they are not currently working with competitors and will not for x period of time

  • Include influencer discloser (good faith, exaggeration, false claims) guidelines

  • Include confidentiality agreement

  • Include that influencer will follow all FTC guidelines (such as #ad or #sponsored in posts)

  • Influencer will include full report with analytics and tracking

  • Include cancellation clause (list out reasons for canceled contract/partnership)

  • Include duration clause (how long influencer has to keep brand content on social media/blog/etc)

  • Make sure influencer has signed all documents

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