First 90 days: The start-up checklist every new small business needs

  • Days 1-30

  • Don’t quit the day job until you have to

  • Talk to business owners and peers that you know and trust 

  • Get family and friends on board with you

  • Consider a co-founder

  • Join an online business community

  • Define your customer profile

  • Research the market

  • Assess the competition

  • Develop a brief business plan

  • Choose a business name

  • Register a website domain name (or two)

  • Make a list of suppliers and distribution partners

  • Make something you can show people

  • Find your first customers

  • Look for small business grants and/or consider raising investment

  • Decide if you need premises or can work from home

  • Days 30-60

  • Register your business

  • Design a logo

  • Build a simple website

  • Set up your social media profiles

  • Set up your business banking

  • Set up your accounting system

  • Assign responsibilities to co-founders

  • Days 60-90

  • Take out insurance

  • Hire your first employee (if required)

  • Set up your contact management system

  • Create press releases and advertisements

  • Purchase relevant equipment

  • File for trademarks and patents (if required)

  • Refine your pitch

  • Refine your product, marketing and sales approach

  • Start your revenue stream - don\'t wait for things to be perfect

  • Launch with a bang!

This checklist was created by katgillespie

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