Off-Boarding Client Checklist For Digital Marketing Clients

Off-Boarding Client Checklist Off-Boarding Client Checklist
  • Define "end of contract" Date with Client

  • Include a thank you email for appreciation of clients\' business

  • Include a final deliverables date

  • Include a final invoice with due date

  • Final invoice has been paid before handing off final project

  • Create an Off-Boarding Digital Folder for Client

  • Include final project (all digital files) *keep a backup copy for yourself

  • Include all documents and files

  • Include an end of contract deliverables checklist for the client *request a copy back

  • Include any training materials, resources, or FAQ\'s client may need

  • Include a project goals achieved document/email

  • Check-in Email

  • Check-in to make sure client was happy with service provided

  • Ask for a testimonial

  • Pitch them any additional services you can provide them in the future

  • Final Off-Boarding Steps

  • Send a personalized thank you note

  • Promote their business on social media, on your blog/website as a casestudy (showcase project)

  • Follow-up/check-in email around three to four months after the project has ended

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