Tips To Pass AVIT 102 w/ Jered Lease

  • 1) Don\'t bother with the readings, they are a waste of time. If you have time, you can skim them over before class

  • 2) Be prepared to get randomly called on. Better yet, raise your hand to answer super easy questions so he will be less likely to call on you for more difficult questions

  • 3) Before each class I recommend taking 15 minutes to review what you went over last class, because there will be a kahoot quiz on it

  • 4) Don\'t stress too much over the kahoot quizzes. They aren\'t worth much credit anyways.

  • 5) The assignments where you have to make your own test questions suck the most. It will take hours of your time. The best way to do these is to do a few questions each day

  • 6) Do NOT sit in the front row if you don\'t want to be called on. He calls on everyone, but those in the front of the classroom are a more likely target

  • 7) There are 7 blocks & exams I have rated them from MOST to LEAST difficult (you\'re welcome)


  • 8) In order to qualify to take the final exam, you need a first attempt exam average of 76% (So try not to fail more than 1 or 2 block exams)

  • 9) Block exams will be made up of half of Prof. Lease\'s questions & half FAA questions. In order to do well on Prof. Lease\'s questions, refer back to the powerpoints and look up quizlets online-

  • Type in "AVIT 102 Block #" on quizlet. In order to do well on the FAA questions, take the FAA practice exam 4-5 times the week leading up to the exam, and memorize the answers

  • 10) A lot of info you learn in ground school is applied in your flight training, so pay attention

  • 11) This class isn\'t like a history class. You CANNOT just memorize the information, and forget it after the exam. Everything that comes after 102 builds off each other. Save your notes & assignments

  • 12) Take advantage of his office hours and ask your CFI if you have any questions

  • 13) If he tells you to write something down... It will probably be on the test

  • 14) When it comes time to use the E6B and fill out nav logs, pay attention

  • 15) If you have time, go through the powerpoint before class and take notes, so you can pay more attention to the lecture

  • Good Luck!

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