Int'l QA Checklist

  • Title: Title case

  • Title: 50-60 characters

  • Article between 1400-1600 words

  • Primary keyword: Title

  • Primary keyword: First H2

  • Primary keyword: 1-4 times in copy

  • Primary keyword: Meta

  • Meta: 160 characters

  • Meta: Complete single sentence

  • Meta: After content for non-EN markets

  • Headings: Sentence case

  • Examples italicized

  • No bullet points in spoken examples

  • br coding above all headings

  • No nav menus

  • Four sentence intro structure

  • Evergreen content

  • Sourcing for non-common knowledge items

  • No "will" and "should"

  • "On your resume" not "in your resume"

  • No idioms

  • No Oxford comma

  • Single quotes for GB

  • Capital letter following a colon so long as it\'s grammatically correct (complete sentence, proper noun, etc.)

  • How tos: Numbered list of steps

  • What is: Definitive intro sentence

  • Disclaimer for company names

  • Disclaimer for salary info

  • No market location

  • Internal links: In-market CG page

  • External links: Appropriate sources

  • Links: Open in new tab

  • Check tags

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