Great Plains School

  • install louver in mezzanine

  • hang kitchen hood

  • hook up fresh air to hood

  • exhaust goose neck on roof

  • finish exhaust duct from old louver

  • reroute bathroom exhaust out the side wall north side

  • install fire/smoke damper in wall by kitchen

  • remove. and reinstall cabinet unit heater in classroom

  • cut in curb for fresh air to existing heating unit in old part of school

  • finish demo of old louver in mech. room

  • run dishwasher ductwork closer to new dishwasher

  • finish running pipe in entryway of school on the north end

  • set unit on curb outside

  • layout holes to the theater

  • see if dishwasher hood is in warehouses

  • fresh air ductwork needs to be insulated before paint

  • measure grease duct once kitchen hood is hung

  • see if mills will glue stainless sheets on for us

  • talk to electricians about unhooking unit heater in classroom

  • line up crane for setting unit outside on curb

  • go over new hole layout for louver for unit heater

  • find out kitchen hood hight

  • line up roofer for new fresh air curb on old building

  • go over slot diffusers in Commons area with ceiling guy

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