CPASE Opening Checklist

  • Wellness Studio - all lights on and operational - including Namaste sign, toilets clean, rooms clean, room set up for next class.

  • Front Desk - CCTV fully operational, tidy and clean. Mats clean, floors clean and dry, Door clean, smear free and mats clean/hoovered.

  • Control room normal, no obvious irregularities, Master switch on, Televisions CPASE/Cyclo - ON, music On , strip light on.

  • Staff room CCTV on, room clean and tidy,

  • Pit Stop - Clean, floor dry, mat clean, towels stocked, tinita clean and switched on, fire door closed and free from obstruction.

  • Cyclone - floor dry, television on all screens, strip lights all operating correctly, towels fully stocked. Fire door free from obstruction

  • Regen- room clean, blind open, machine switched on and clean, external lights fully illuminated.

  • Stasis - room clean, machine switched on, shoes tidy, sufficient towel stock, gloves for the day in situ, blind open. .

  • Batak Wall switched on.

  • Gym Floor - all machines are on and visually operational. Screens clean and no lost property, water bottles around the vicintiy.

  • Gym floor fire door closed and free from obstruction.

  • Gym Floor - All plates removed from equipment. Squat racks clean and dry.

  • Slide and Crane, clean, safe for use and free from obstruction.

  • Inferno - All equipment neatly in stowages, clean and tidy.

  • Skill runs aren\'t close to the mirrors.

  • Mirrors clean and streak free.

  • Fire door free from obstruction.

  • Ladies Changing room - clean, dry, hairdryer and straightener cords free from tangles and in good repair.

  • Ladies Changing Room - toilets clean, stocked with toilet rolls etc.

  • Pool Area - all tiles, clean, in good repair.

  • Pool Area - stone beds clean, smear free.

  • Pool Area - no towels, misc. items on sauna ovens etc.

  • Unisex toilets clean and stocked

  • Plant Room - No obvious visual issues. All tasks completed as per tasks 21 of 26 DM Manual.

  • Mens changing rooms, clean and stocked - floors dry.

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