Best EngFest To Do List

  • Is all personal information password protected in the TwinSpace?

  • Are you using copyright-free material?

  • Are the results of the evaluations from students and teachers visible in the TwinSpace?

  • Are you disseminating the project outside of the classroom?

  • Make a note of the web tools you have used.

  • Explain e-safety, code of conduct and copyright issues to your students.

  • Send occasional updates on the teachers bulletin on the twinspace homepage.

  • Post only important events on homepage rather than all the activities.

  • Students\' faces on pictures should be blurred (depending on the national policy).

  • Take parental consent forms and upload a picture of them on the related page.

  • Have your students write in the forum under a related topic.

  • Follow the workplan and meet the deadlines (if given)

  • Is there an impact on your students’ participation in the project?

  • Is there an impact on your participation in the project?

  • Make sure your work is visible on Twinspace.

  • Unlist the Youtube videos created for the purpose of this project. (eg. tutorials, activity videos)

  • Create a bulletin board at your school to disseminate the results and publish them on Twinspace.

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