10 Staging Tips When Putting Your Home on the Market

  • Clean - This one seems obvious, but many people show their home in disarray!

  • Declutter - Going hand-in-hand with the first point, look to minimize items taking up space.

  • Paint - Painting a room can make it look cleaner, larger, and neutral: all things buyers like.

  • Rearrange Furniture - Pull it away from walls and group together to make an inviting space. It can also make the room seem larger.

  • Group Objects - In addition to furniture, you can group the objects you have out still after decluttering: groups of 3 or 5 work best.

  • Colorize - Use colors to tie pieces of a room together to show a cohesive, intimate space.

  • Repair - Make small repairs before going on the market like replacing a floorboard or broken tile. It will cost less than what a buyer may ask for in a credit during the inspection phase.

  • Repurpose Furniture - Move one piece from another room if it can make sense. Just because you have it in a certain spot doesn\'t mean someone else would have it in the same spot.

  • Hide Fido - Try to keep pet toys, litter boxes, food dishes, etc. out of sight for showings as this may turn off some buyers.

  • Hire a Consultant - Having a home staging consultant walkthrough your place can be the best money spent to prep your home. We offer this to all our sellers because it is that important!

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