10 Stress Management Tips for Small Business Owners

10 Stress Management Tips for Small Business Owner
  • Take a Mini Brain Break: Reading a motivational quote is like a mini-break for my brain: it takes me out of my moment, resets my triggers, and sets a new pattern of purpose and determination. When those motivational quotes are part of a visual – a photograph, a movie scene or a cool graphic, that image is part of my recharge and leaves a longer impression in my head.

  • Outsource: Hire freelancers, consultants or virtual assistants to get work done when you don\'t want to hire full or part-time staff. Upwork.com, freelancer.com, outsourcely.com, fivver.com, guru.com and peopleperhour.com are a few of the sites to hire freelance workers.

  • Schedule Downtime: Add gym time, social lunch dates, movies and family time to your schedule - in ink. 

  • Delegate: Is there someone else on your team who can handle a task - maybe even better than you? Do they require a little training to learn the function? 

  • Automate: Technology allows you to automate administrative tasks like responses to emails or social media posts, employee schedules, social media scheduling, invoicing and email marketing with affordable software. 

  • Exercise: Studies show that physical activity is a great way to reduce stress. You cannot be successful if you don’t have a positive mental, physical and emotional attitude. In sales, I train salespeople to become #FitToSell: when you’re in better physical health, you look better, you feel better and you’re more confident.  

  • Diet: A healthy diet not only fight stress, it also increases energy and lowers the levels of hormones in your body that are most commonly tied to triggering an increase in stress.

  • Sleep: Consistently getting a good night\'s sleep can lower your stress level. You can\'t catch up on sleep on the weekend: Just as a weekend athlete isn\'t in optimal condition, sleeping in on Sunday morning will not catch you up. Tired people lack the patience and clarity to properly function in high-stress work environments and make good decision.s

  • Prioritize: Everything cannot get done. Write down what needs to get done, prioritize in order of importance and time required to complete the task. I find a checklist maker like checkli.com is a good tool to help me stay on task: and checking accomplished tasks off my checklist feels good!

  • Turn Off Your Tech: Its impossible to get work done if you\'re continuously distracted by your laptop dinging new emails, your buzzing text messages and a ringing phone are big distractions that take you off task. Turn off your tech for a couple hours each day so you can get things done. 

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