10 Ways to 10X Your Sales Growth

10 Ways to 10X Your Sales Growth
  • Determine what your best competitors are unwilling to do and do it. Eat what you kill is the new economy. - Grant Cardone, author of The 10X Rule and sales expert

  • Use Pinterest to drive sales. Pinterest is actually an incredible platform for driving sales, especially for e-commerce products.- Neil Patel,

  • Move forward with pig-headed discipline and determination – especially when the path is new. - Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes International

  • Double the frequency you contact your prospects. Your time will be better spent doubling the number of times you reach out to a prospect. - Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter

  • Task batch to eliminate distractions and increase productivity. - Meredith Messenger, CEO of Selling With Soul

  • Sales must be a joint venture between sales and marketing. - Tank New Media

  • Think in terms of LEVERAGE. Instead of focusing on a “realistic” goal, the goal is through the roof. - VersaDIAL

  • If you need to find a way to close faster and sell more, there is only 1 thing that will do the trick every time, in any industry. Ask open-ended questions. - Vanessa Merit Nornberg, Pres, Metal Mafia

  • Ask For Referrals: Current customers are a great resource for new customers if you’ve built a strong relationship with them. - Jake Rosenstein, RingLead

  • Think like a “pro” or a “champion” and crush your competition. - Jim Brown, The Salesman Podcast

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