11 Ways to Stay Productive During the Holiday Sales Slump

Tips for Sales Productivity Over the Holidays
  • Show appreciation to your loyal customers during the holidays. In some industries and budgets, this means client gifts, other fields suggest a warm note of appreciation.

  • Recontact and try to schedule appointments with clients who may have put you on hold during the year.

  • Work with a sales coach to sharpen your sales skills.

  • Prospect for clients in new ways such as social media that you may not have time for during the rest of the year.

  • Schedule appointments for the new year instead of desperately trying to schedule sales calls during the holidays.

  • Dive into those sales strategy best-sellers that you haven\'t had time for all year (Tip: The Sales Assassin is an international bestseller! http://ow.ly/9bEg30h2ku5)

  • Take time off. Don\'t just sit there staring at the screen - use and enjoy your vacation days. You\'ll come back feeling refreshed and reenergized.

  • Get #FitToSell. Invest time and money in a healthy body. When you feel better you look better, your\'e more confident. And you sell better.

  • Document your sales process. When new members join the sales team, does every lament that training materials are out of date? Use slow periods to beef up your sales funnel and lead management.

  • Send lead nurturing content to prospects. 50% of leads are qualified but aren\'t ready to buy. Free trials, eBooks & white papers appeal to prospects who don\'t usually have time to read emails.

  • Dec 31 from "Doctor" Phil Bernstein: call every client and thank them for their business. A voice mail is fine because your message is the 1st they hear when they return to work in the new year.

  • Looking for a gift for the salesperson in your life? Give The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales http://ow.ly/9bEg30h2ku5

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