15 Ways to Get More Sales Referrals, Testimonials & Endorsements

  • Ask for referrals. Many of your customers will be delighted to refer you their contacts - it just never occurred to them.

  • Provide superior customer service so your clients want to share your product or service with their network - and know your will maintain your high level of service to them.

  • Give a referral - often the recipient will reciprocate.

  • Know when to ask for a testimonial or referral. Just as in any business interaction, there is a right time and a wrong time to ask your customer for support.

  • Give an incentive or commission for referrals.

  • Introducing two connections is a powerful way to build your influence and encourage loyalty. You may be asked to provide an introduction, or you may recognize the mutual benefit of two connections.

  • Asking for an introduction is similar yet not the same as asking for a referral. You are asking your connection to leverage their reputation and influence by recommending you to someone.

  • Ask for - and give - LinkedIn Recommendations. LinkedIn recommendations remain permanently on your profile, unless you take them down, and are an excellent tool to demonstrate your qualifications.

  • Give LinkedIn Skill Endorsements - a quick testimonial to your connection\'s expertise in a particular skill. Many people who receive endorsements will in return give endorsements back.

  • Some clients don\'t give referrals as a company policy; instead, ask for a testimonial or endorsement.

  • Do a special favor for a client. Don\'t ask for anything in return - but gratefully accept any referrals or testimonials.

  • Ask your customers for feedback and suggestions.

  • Thank clients for all referrals, and follow-up to let then know the outcome of their referral.

  • Add a referral form to the customer portal on your website.

  • Add a referral request to your newsletter.

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