5 Alexa Commands for Productivity at Work

5 Alexa Commands for Productivity at Work
  • Set Background Noise: Forbes contributor Jared Newman likes “Ambient Sounds: Heavy Rain” and “Ambient Sounds: Fireplace” to stay focused. To set background noises, activate the skill, and then say, “Alexa, play \'heavy rain\' sounds.” By default, the noise will play for one hour, but you can say “Alexa, loop on” to have it play until you tell Alexa to stop. https://www.fastcompany.com/40573134/alexas-secret-superpower-making-you-more-productive-at-work 

  • Let Alexa Add a Meeting to Your Calendar: To connect your calendar with Alexa, choose Settings from the Alexa app menu, then Calendar. Choose the service you use from the list of providers shown. Alexa supports Google, Apple, and Microsoft calendars. Tap the Link option and enter your account information. 

  • Turn Alexa into a Virtual Storefront and Utilize the Platform\'s Customer Service Skills: Alexa Skills have opened a new channel for ways that consumers can interact with your business. Alexa Skills can be developed by anyone. Hundreds of third-party developers have already created scripts for Alexa to run and better interact with customers, says https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/11044-amazon-alexa-for-customer-service.html.

  • Make Free Phone Calls: Hands-free and free phone calls are easy with Alexa. Just say the command "Alexa, call [phone number]" or "Alexa, call Tom" and your Echo will dial the call, says https://www.cnet.com/how-to/7-alexa-commands-youre-not-using-but-should/. It works for mobile numbers and landlines too. With an Echo Connect and a home phone service (either a landline or VoIP) your Echo can also receive calls and allow you to dial 911.

  • Send a Text: Whether you\'re busy on your desktop or in a meeting, Alexa lets you use voice commands to send a hands-free text. Open your Alexa app and enable it to send and read SMS messages on their phone (instead of Alexa\'s app-to-app messaging service). 

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