5 Customer Online Review Tools

5 Customer Online Review Tools
  • Broadly: 1-click technology so your customers can easily write feedback on Google, Facebook, and business websites. SEO-optimized review streams enable small businesses to post their online reviews directly to their business website using Broadly’s patent-pending code. All 4 and 5-star reviews from Google and Facebook are automatically published on the website. https://broadly.com/

  • Reputology: Manage and monitor your Facebook and Google online reviews and local search directories and can help businesses that have more than one location manage their reviews in one central location. They help you improve your online reputation, make the customer experience better, and ultimately increase both the top line and bottom line. https://www.reputology.com/

  • Trustpilot: Users can upload their mailing lists and send an email inviting their customers to review them after they make a purchase. Reviews are uploaded to search engines like Google, which updates your Google Seller Rating – therefore improving visibility in both search engines and online ads. https://www.trustpilot.com/

  • PowerReviews: Provides authentic review collection and display and includes images or video review features. Their Review Your Purchases tool helps consumers submit multiple reviews within a single review form, improving collection rates by 300%. https://www.powerreviews.com/ratings-and-reviews/

  • GetMoreReviews: An online review & reputation management tool that helps small service-providing businesses improve their online reputation & attract new customers. Their most popular feature allows the user to manage 1-star reviews offline, so they don’t appear as 1-star reviews online. https://demo.getmorereviews.com

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