5 Effective Business Card Alternatives

Do You Still Need a Business Card in 2020?
  • Paper Business Cards With a QR Code: QR codes never really took off, but they are a good way for someone who prefers a digital business card to get your contact info easily in their device.

  • Useful SWAG: Useful, creative and memorable giveaways printed with your logo or contact info make a fast impression and are popular at tradeshows and events. Instead of the expected plastic cup or keychain, stand out from your competitors with branded tools, edible business cards or just plain fun: think reusable straws, cheese graters or cookie cards!

  • Collectibles: Have you visited your favorite pub and taken a branded coaster to use in your home? And slowly developed a collection of your favorite bars and pubs? A collectible, effective and useful business card alternative!

  • Social Proof: Colorful rubber wristbands stamped with a cause are "social proof" that followers wear as part of their own personal brand.

  • Loyalty Cards: Give your contact an incentive to hang on to your card. Tip: loyalty cards can be paper or digital!

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