Longer Summer Vacations Get Employees #FitToSell This Summer

Longer Summer Vacations Get Employees #FitToSell
  • The Stats

  • 70% of employees who take at least 7 days vacation claim to be "highly motivated to contribute to the success of the organization" 

  • 55% who took less than a week say the same thing 

  • 65% who took a substantial vacation reported a strong desire to continue working at their organization in the coming year

  • 51% who took less than a week had a strong desire to stay with their current employer

  • 50% of Americans haven\'t taken a proper vacation all year 

  •  25% take all the time they\'re due

  • 6 Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Workplace This Summer

  • Summer Fridays: Let the leave early on Fridays

  • Relax The Dress Code: Let them dress business casual or even casual on hot summer days if there\'s not a client meeting

  • Sponsor A Summer Sports Team: Let employees participate in a fun group activity that builds teamwork 

  • Throw a Company Picnic: Plan a fun, relaxed outdoor picnic for employees and families 

  • Extended Lunch Breaks: Add 30-60 minutes to lunch hours so your staff can enjoy the nice weather and get a sun-fueled energy boost

  • Off-Site Meetings: Inside or outside just not at the office to fuel your team\'s creativity 

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