Post-COVID Greetings: Skip The Handshake

Post-COVID Greetings: Skip The Handshake
  • Nod Your Head: A simple nod of the head towards the person is a friendly and universally understood greeting.

  • Smile: A causal but open smile with your hands at your side is friendly and welcoming.

  • Use Your Words: Simply say "Hello" in greeting.

  • Hand On Heart: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently tweeted that her favorite handshake alternative is "to put my hand over my heart and smile/nod at whomever I am greeting."

  • Pass Your Business Card: Instead of extending your hand to shake, hand over your business card. This is a common business practice in Japan.

  • Air-Five: Jim and Pam\'s cross the room high-five on The Office is safe and sure to bring a smile!

  • Namaste: The Hindu greeting of your palms pressed together pointing upward in front of your chest with a small bow is recognized as a greeting and goodbye.

  • Raise Your Hand: Lift your right hand as if you are taking an oath of office.

  • Hawaiian Shaka Sign: A wave with 3 middle fingers folded down and your pinky and thumb are pointed upward is a commonly used greeting.

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