Tech Hacks That Save Money + 10 Alexa Productivity Commands

Tech Hacks That Save Money | Anthony Caliendo |
  • source: Tech hacks can help new entrepreneurs spend wisely from the start by @JenniferJolly 

  • Eliminate E-waste: Repair Don\'t Replace

  • Buy used or refurbished tech 

  • USB flash drive called Xtra-PC (prices start at $35) that plugs into — and speeds up — aged PCs or Macs

  • Call local tech repair services, instead of sending your hardware to Apple or Best Buy

  • Outsource: Gig Economy

  • Hire freelancers when you don\'t need to or can\'t hire staff including developers, designers, finance experts, people who write blog posts, translate, and even run errands 

  • Upwork, Toptal, Guru, Freelancer, Fiverr and 99Designs are some of the top sites for sourcing freelancers

  • Go Digital: Get a Virtual Personal Assistant

  • Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant can handle many tasks that you do yourself, such as adding appointments to your calendar, sending emails and texts

  • Schedule reminders, keep lists, and look up phone numbers and other information

  • DIY Sales: Advertise and Sell on Social Media

  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites have built-in advertising and sales features

  • Customers can review your business and share your products and services

  • Build relationships and start conversations with clients and prospect

  • 10 Ways Alexa Can Improve Your Productivity (Amazon Echo): My favorite Alexa productivity skills 

  • Set alarms and timers. Alexa, set a repeating alarm for Tuesdays at 10am.

  • Manage your to-do list. Alexa, add [task] to [name of the list]. 

  • Order office supplies. Alexa, order [full product name or product category]. You must enable Amazon voice purchasing through the Alexa app. Tap the menu button and then go to Settings; choose Voice Purchasing; turn on the toggle switch for the Purchase by Voice section. Or, if you don\'t want to use Amazon, The ShopSavvy app for Alexa lets you say things such as Alexa, ask ShopSavvy if copy paper is on sale at Best Buy. 

  • Add a meeting to your calendar. Alexa, schedule a meeting called [name] with [person] at [day and time]. Connect your calendar to Alex: choose Settings from the Alexa app menu, then Calendar. Choose the service you use from the list of providers: Alexa supports Google, Apple, and Microsoft calendars. 

  • Tell you your schedule. Alex, what\'s my schedule today? 

  • Check your bank balance. Alexa, what is my [bank] balance? Alexa can be connected to several different major banks.

  • Give you a motivational quote. Alexa, inspire me.

  • Play a podcast. Alexa, ask AnyPod to play [program]. 

  • Send voice messages to anyone who has an Echo. Alexa, send a voice message to [name]. 

  • Perform calculations. Alexa, ask Mr. Math to divide fifteen by three. 

  • Amazon has created a skill called Skill Finder to discover new skills. Launch it by saying, Alexa, open Skill Finder or Alexa, tell Skill Finder to give me the skill of the day.

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