Tips For Video Conferencing

15 Tips For Video Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing Set-Up

  • Lighting: Your light source should be behind you or next to you, not below or behind you - or you\'ll appear as a washed-out ghost!

  • Camera Height: If your camera angle is from below, your colleagues will have a good view up your nose or of your neck and chin. Hold an iPhone slightly above your face, or for a stack your monitor or laptop on a few books to bring the camera up to eye level.

  • Mute: When you\'re not speaking, but the video on mute so background noises and your sighs or coughs aren\'t amplified for everyone.

  • Dress Appropriately: Your video camera will show more than your face. Make sure whatever you\'re wearing from the neck down is camera-ready and projects the impression you want to make.

  • Tip: Many videoconferencing pros dress for work from the waist up - but if you need to jump up to grab a misbehaving child or pet, make sure you\'re wearing pants!

  • Use Headphones: Unless you have a professional studio at home, use headphones on video conferences to prevent echoes and feedback.

  • Video Body Language

  • Posture Matters: Sitting up straight gives the impression that you are alert, motivated and paying attention.

  • Sincere Smiles: A fake not phony smile indicates you\'re pleased to be on the video call. You don\'t have to grin ear-to-ear, but you also don\'t need to scowl.

  • Sit On Your Hands: Maybe not literally (but maybe!) so you\'re not playing with your hair, picking your eyebrows - or something worse!

  • Look At The Camera: Make eye contact with the video camera, instead of watching yourself onscreen!

  • Video Conference Etiquette

  • Be On Time: Don\'t make the other participants wait for you to arrive.

  • Test Your Tech: Before the videoconference begins, test your software and hardware to make sure everything is working as needed.

  • Stop Multi-Tasking: Pay attention the call. You may think no one will notice if you check your email, send a quick text or look at the news headlines - they will!

  • Tip: If you are expecting an important email or text during the video call, let the other participants know in advance.

  • Introduce Yourself: If you\'re on a large group call, introduce yourself before you speak.

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