Top Sales Trends in 2019

Top Sales Trends in 2019
  • Millennial Marketing: While marketing to millennials has been a trend for a couple of years, in 2019 understanding the needs and how to market to different customer types, especially different generations. Get ready... Gen Z isn\'t far behind!  

  • AI in the Sales Process: New artificial tools can help salespeople determine the best way to contact a prospect or understand their needs.

  • B2B Influencers: B2C influencers are a well-established marketing strategy, particularly on social media. B2B influencers must have industry credibility and the marketing must take place in an industry-respected network or platform. 

  • Relevance Overtakes Personalization: The #1 trend according to Sales Hacker is the need to make your sales strategy relevant to the buyer.   

  • Omni-Channel Marketing: An integrated sales approach on multiple channels at once helps salespeople engage with prospects where they live: and most people live on more than one social media or digital platform. 

  • Conversational Marketing: Answering people\'s questions in personalized, 1:1 conversations and targeted, real-time messaging and intelligent chatbots instead of traditional lead forms give a more personal buying experience.  

  • Brand Experiences: Buyers want experiences from brands, not just their products.  

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