Your Summer Listening Sales Podcast Playlist

Your Summer Listening Sales Podcast Playlist
  • Amy Porterfield Online Marketing Made Easy: EPISODE 221 How to Create a 3-Month SEO Plan with Neil Patel "Neil Patel, master marketer, and SEO genius joined me on my show today to dive into the nuts-and-bolts of some simple SEO strategies that will bring you more traffic, conversions, and revenue! He walks us through a 3-month SEO plan that I’ve broken down for you in a free guide" 

  •  Jenna Kutcher The Goal Digger Podcast: Instagram Marketing Podcast Episode 155 How I Doubled My Instagram Growth in 1 Month  "Through a combination of experimentation and tracking her Instagram analytics, Kutcher learned that posts featuring images of herself often got more engagement than anything else. So for one month, she committed herself to only posting photos of herself. The result? In that one month, Kutcher saw her engagement rate skyrocket to 6-9% per post! She even had one post that got over 21% engagement. This in turn led to more brand deals, sponsorship offers, and, of course, a ton more followers."

  • Eventual Millionaire: The Secret to Abundance with Derek Rydall  "Derek Rydall is the founder and creator of the Law of Emergence and the author of the book, “EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change.” He is one of the new generation spiritual visionaries and thought leaders. He has trained top executives at Fortune 500 companies in leadership and communication. He also coached celebrities and media professionals on creating conscious entertainment. And…He just came out with his new book “The Abundance Project: 40 Days to more Wealth, Love, and Happiness.“ 

  • Starting from Nothing - The Foundation: Episode 80 How I Dropped Out Of College, Started My First Business With No Experience, And Launched 2 Best Selling Kindle Books, All By The Age Of 21 - With Chandler Bolt The Foundation trains bootstrapped entrepreneurs how to build their business.

  • The Productivityist: Episode 185 The Free-Time Formula with Jeff Sanders "Jeff Sanders: a keynote speaker, founder of the Rocking Productivity Academy and the author of the new book The Free Time Formula. In this episode, we spoke about health-centered productivity, being intentional with your time, and much more.

  • Podcast: Productivity | Motivation | Self Improvement | Health: Episode 40 The Funny Relationship Between Success and Failure "Often there’s an all too close relationship between success and failure. Sometimes you don’t know what’s going to be the thing that makes you successful or the thing that’s going to be your next failure. On today’s show we’ll hear an excerpt from one of the most successful and funny people on the planet, Will Ferrell." 

  • The Rework Podcast: Episode 17 Life After Shark Tank!68367 "The ABC show Shark Tank is irresistible reality programming: Entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to a panel of famous investors and have the potential to make a life-changing deal. But as with any reality show, there\'s much more to the Shark Tank experience than what gets shown on TV. We talk to three business owners about what it was really like to go on the program—and what happened afterward, when they had to get back to the very real work of building their companies." 

  • Masters of Scale: Episode 9 How to Price Your Product to Scale – Payal Kadakia, Founder & Chair of ClassPass "The price that bleeds your business could also save it. When you invent something innovative, you can’t know how to price it on day one. First, get people in the door — get a LOT of people in the door — even if you have to price your product fatally low at first. In this episode, ClassPass Founder and Chair Payal Kadakia shares their winding path to pricing and how it revealed what was invaluable about their service." 

  • Ctrl Alt Delete: Episode 118 Ava Duvernay: On How It’s Never Too Late to Do What You Love  "Ava Duvernay is an Oscar-nominated film director. Ava made her feature film debut with the documentary This in the Life (2008), a history on the hip hop movement in Los Angeles in the 1990\'s. She’s been nominated for a Golden Globe and Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Documentary Feature. In this episode, you can hear how she got into filmmaking, how she gets past comparisons on the internet and the power of gratitude." 

  • Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin: Episode 24 No such thing (as writer’s block) "A mysterious ailment, a convenient place to hide, and most of all, it’s all invented."

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