What to Include in Your Shopify Store’s Privacy Policy

  • Make your contact details clearly visible. For Shopify stores, this is your business location, and for dropshipping shops, it’s your registered business address.

  • Add a clear description of the data you collect from customers and how you go about collecting it.

  • Be transparent in stating your motives for collecting any piece of data. If you share it with third parties, make your rationale and frequency of sharing clear. For even more clarity and less confused

  • Specify exactly how long you’ll keep data - some laws require a set time period before wiping data from your records entirely.

  • Clearly outline your COVID-19 shipping procedures, since these have often changed during the pandemic and customers should be prepared with what to expect.

  • Add your customer support changes and COVID-19 guidelines in your Shopify store privacy policy itself, instead of other areas of your store.

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