How to Publish a Checklist

  • How to publish a checklist:

  • Sign up for a free account:

  • Click "Add New" checklist or the "+" icon.

  • Add a catchy title and description.

  • Add tasks and subtitles.

  • Select or upload a featured image (be sure to add a caption and alt tag so your checklist gets ranked high in search engines.

  • Select type of bullets and column style in the right sidebar.

  • Select "Publish" in the right sidebar.

  • Choose a category.

  • Click "Yes, Publish on the web".

  • Helpful hints:

  • Complete your profile (Name, description, web address, etc)

  • Personalize your account with your branding:

  • You can add links in tasks to your site in a natural, non spammy, way.

  • Upload a unique featured image from one of these free stock photo websites:

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