Why Publishing Checklists on Checkli is a Top Priority for Content Marketers

  • Benefits for Agencies

  • Publishing a checklist is a valuable and impressive quick win for clients.

  • Publish and sharing unlimited checklists is totally free for content marketers.

  • Blogs take 4-5 hours to write. Interactive checklists takes 15-20 minutes.

  • Checkli is Amazing for SEO

  • Checkli home pages and checklists link to your client\'s website.

  • Checklists can be found in Google search results.

  • Checkli home pages can push negative content down on page #1 of Google.

  • Checkli\'s high domain authority can help grow your client\'s domain authority.

  • Checkli home pages and checklists use SEO-friendly URLs.

  • Measure Performance

  • Send your clients impressive stats on how well their checklists are performing.

  • Embed checklists on any website or blog.

  • Tweets last 5 minutes, Facebook posts last a day, but checklists live on forever.

  • Published checklists can be found on Checkli\'s public search.

  • Lead Generation

  • Drive traffic, leads, and sales to your client\'s website from your checklists.

  • Add your logo/colors/URL to Checkli home pages and checklists.

  • Get more email subscribers in-exchange for your checklists

  • Your target market can find, save, and complete your checklists.

  • Published checklists can go viral.

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