10 YouTube SEO Tips

10 YouTube Video SEO Tips
  • Rename Your Video File Using a Target Keyword: Open the file and rename it so it has a meaningful title that uses at least one of the keywords for marketing your video, ie YouTube SEO Tips .mov. Put your keyword as close to the beginning as possible.

  • Include Your Keyword In the Video Title: Include at minimum 1 keyword or phrase in the video title. Search results on Google are typically cut off after 60 characters, so it\'s smart to try and limit your video title to 60 characters.

  • Optimize Your Video Description: The 1st 150 characters of the description should focus on the most important information because it displays to viewers, the rest is below See More.

  • Use #Hashtags in Your Description: Hashtags increase visibility and searchability. The 1st 3 hashtags in your description will display above your video title when people are searching for or watching your video.

  • Add Closed Captions: YouTube closed captions are crawlable by search engines!

  • Add Channel Art: Make your YouTube channel attractive and professional so viewers understand who you are and what you do.

  • Add Links to Your Website and Social Media: The About section allows you to add links to your website and social media channel, and display in the lower right corner of your channel art.

  • Complete the About: Introduce yourself in the About section, and explain what your channel offers and how you\'ll solve the viewers\' problems or needs. Be sure to add contact information and links such as a website or an email address.

  • Create Playlists: Group types of videos together on your channel so that viewers stay longer on your channel. For example, group together: FAQs, How-Tos, Specific Topics or Keywords.

  • Promote. Share. Publicize.: Once you post a video on YouTube, don\'t assume: If you post it, they will come. You need to promote your YouTube videos and channel by sharing the videos and links with your audience: Social Media, Emails, Blog Posts, Websites.

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