Content Marketing + Blog Checklist for Antique Dealers

Content Marketing Checklist for Antique Dealers
  • Decide What to Write About 

  • Do keyword research on what your target audience wants to know 

  • Write a Content Strategy: What\'s your goal?

  • Create a Content Plan - a blog? social media?  

  • Choose 2-3 social media platforms

  • Make a Content Calendar for the year: what are you going to write about, who will write it, when will you write it, where will it be hosted, and how will you promote it 

  • Make a Social Media Calendar for the coming month/quarter/year: where and when will you promote your content? 

  • Schedule your social media posts 1-4 weeks in advance, and further for recurring events ie holidays, sales, and special events 

  • Engage with your content followers: respond to all questions and comments, Like or Follow back when appropriate 

  • Build an Antique Business Blog 

  • Write relevant, useful content about your business that your target audience wants to read 

  • Optimize your blog so that people and search engines can understand and find it

  • Antiques are very visual - so your antiques blog should appeal to visual and creative audiences  

  • Promote your blog on social media sites that your audience lives on - know your buyer personas 

  • What to Blog About

  • The story behind pieces in your antiques store 

  • Different styles and trends in antiques 

  • Advice on buying antiques

  • Special events or sales 

  • Behind the scenes experiences you\'ve had buying antiques in Europe

  • Tips for repurposing or caring for antiques

  • How-tos for antique restoration 

  • How to decorate with antiques 

This checklist was created by catherinerussell

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