8 Things You Need to Accept Stripe Payments Online

8 things you need to accept Stripe payments Selling online with Stripe is simple, but you'll need to make sure your site has these 8 things.
  • A description of what you\'re selling

    Payment processors like Stripe review website to make sure they\'re going beyond product names to help customers really understand what they\'re buying, and being transparent helps with any potential disputes.Plan to include a detailed text description, photos, materials, colors, and other relevant details. 

  • Purchase price and currency

  • Customer service contact information

    Payment processors like Stripe want to see that there\'s a clear way to contact you. A contact form is good. Direct communications channels like an email address or phone number are even better.

  • Your store\'s policies for delivery, returns, refunds for goods, or cancellation for services

    For companies selling goods:

    Delivery policy — Describe how and where goods are shipped, and on what timeline.

    Return policy — Under what conditions can customers return something they’ve purchased?

    Refund policy  — Describe the conditions in which customers can receive a refund.

    For companies selling subscription, services, or reservations:

    Cancellation policy — How and under what conditions customers can cancel subscriptions, services, or reservations.

  • Any legal or export restrictions related to your business

    Some kinds of products and services are subject to laws, regulations, and other restrictions. (For example, alcohol can\'t be shipped to certain states.) Disclose any applicable restrictions, and how they might affect customers to make sure you\'re being transparent and trustworthy.

  • A privacy policy for your website

    This is a policy that tells customers what kind of information you collect on your site (like their name, email address, etc.), how you use it, and whether you share it with any third parties. You can grab a free template for one here: https://termly.io/resources/templates/privacy-policy-template/

  • Payment security information

    Your website should use HTTPS, and if you\'re using Stripe to process your payments, you can assure your customers that you\'re protecting their payment data. 

  • Logos of credit cards you accept

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