How to Become a Professional Content Writer

How to become a content writer How to become a content writer
  • A good and efficient laptop

  • Set up your workspace in a comfortable environment

  • A PayPal account so you can accept payments

  • A work email address that\'s separate from you personal email

  • A slack account for communication with companies and/or clients

  • A zoom account for meetings

  • Update all your social media profiles including your LinkedIn

  • Create an UpWork account to search for content writing opportunities

  • Motivation to look for other freelance opportunities on websites like Content Beast

  • Set up a portfolio that you can give to potential employers, for example, you could start a blog, or create a portfolio on Google Docs with writing examples

  • Create a simple website with your resume, writing samples, services, and contact information

  • Publish a few articles on a website like medium or contently

  • Take your writing seriously, even the smallest of projects, write for the job you want

  • Research and read about the industries you want to write for

  • Network with writing groups

  • Search for writing conferences

  • Look for online writing certifications

  • Look for guest posting opportunities

  • Get used to rejection and criticism

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