Checklist for moving with a pet

Moving with a pet Moving with a pet
  • Take your pet to get a checkup and health docs

  • Ask the vet about the possibility of a light sedation for the pet (depending on the travel)

  • Get your pet\'s health record

  • Make sure your pet has proper health certificate and rabies tag

  • Ask your vet if they have a recommendation for a new vet in your new city

  • Get a travel ID tag for your pet (includes the pet\'s name, your name & destination address, and the name of an alternate person to contact ICE

  • Cross-check your new city to see if there are any pet entry regulations (and abide by them!)

  • Create a travel kit for your pet filled with supplies - feeding, grooming, & favorite toys

  • During your travel to the new location, be sure to: keep pet hydrated, make hotel reservations at pet-friendly hotels, take frequent breaks, be weary of pets with sensitive stomachs

  • Once you\'ve arrived at your new home, help your pet acclimate to the new environment before letting him/her roam freely

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