Top 10 Best Odor Removers Reviewed in 2019

  • 1. Start washing all your clothes with an active plant based enzymes detergent like Rockin\' Green. You have no idea how much your clothes are stained with bacteria, especially your sports wear for yoga or uniforms. They will never smell clean if you use regular detergent.

  • 2. Purchase a high quality air purifier to purify the air in the house.

  • 3. Purchase and use cleaners like Rocco and Roxie to remove pet stains

  • 4. Start using an activated charcoal supplement. Did you know your small intestine is 20 feet and your large intestine is 5 feet long? There is junk stuck to the linings of your digestive track. Activated charcoal helps remove that. One more thing. Did you know the surface area of your small intestines is the size of a tennis court? Think about it.

  • 5. Study up on Trophology and Food Combining. Just eating a supplement will not fix the root cause of your digestive issues. The poor eating will give you gas and bloating, and the toxins from the sad American diet will seep through your pores. Improper diet will give you that funky smell no one wants to be around. The problem is that YOU CAN\'T SMELL IT cuz you\'re around it all the time.

  • 6. Clean up your car and purchase a air purifier for your car. It\'s not only makes your car smell amazing especially for Uber drivers but also for your health.

  • 7. Use Activated Charcoal Purifying Bags All Over Your House. Put it EVERYWHERE. This will help remove bad odors and moisture.

  • 8. Purchase a Dehumidifier to remove the moisture in your home, bathroom, and basement. When moisture is everywhere in the house, it leads to bacteria and mold growth which will give it that ugly funky old smell.

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