Holiday Decor For Your Home

Christmas decor Christmas decor
  • Layer different greenery like pine, spruce and juniper on a mantel, the dining table, staircase banister, over a doorway, etc.

  • Incorporate birch twigs, winterberry and silver-covered pinecones for additional sparkle in the green decor

  • Sweeten up your home with a few Christmas roses (that belong in the "hellebore" plant family)

  • Also go for the classic red poinsettia plant to decorate tabletops

  • Add seasonal scents with candles and decorative cinnamon sticks

  • Instead of the traditional red/green combo, consider incorporating metallic tones for plates, napkin holders, table scape decor, etc.

  • Hang some oversized snowflakes

  • Try putting two stacked wreaths on the front door instead of one

  • Display holiday cards from your family/friends

  • Provide bowls with Christmas treats in different rooms (on living room side table, the dinning table, in the entrance hallway, etc.)

  • Dangle candy canes

  • If you have a bar or bar cart, dress it up!

  • Glue some shiny round ornaments together to create a christmas wreath

  • Change out the traditional garland with paper bells to line your stair banister or mantel

  • Offer a glass vase full of nuts, kumquats, cranberries and more fruity/nutty treats

  • Use candles & flower vases instead of garland on the dining table, side table, mantel, etc.

  • Use unexpected materials like feathers mixed in with the garland

  • Hang tassels not just from windows, but also door knobs

  • Incorporate candle-wreaths in your tablescapes

  • Create a birch wreath

  • Create a plaid backdrop for wall space

  • Make a small ornament tree on sidetables

  • Decorate the home with hanging family photos, like on the staircase banister

  • Add some firewood, bits of garland and a few small christmas lights into a plant pot for a new way to bring the outdoors inside

  • Turn wooden logs into candle holders

  • Build a hot cocoa station

  • Create a wreath with star anise

  • Use fruit as tablescape accents, like pomegranates, apples, and oranges

  • Hang a gingerbread garland

  • Make crafty snowflake coasters out of felt

  • Display a gingerbread house

  • Display season phrases

  • Make easy paper mache Christmas trees

  • Repurpose a cake stand to display holiday decor like ornaments, candles, small wreaths, etc.

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