Craft your own Christmas decorations

christmas crafts christmas crafts
  • Convert tattered old blankets into new Christmas Stockings

  • Make a mason jar Christmas tree! Pack them with sparkly ornaments and then stack them in a triangular, ascending order. Then decorate with beads and garland

  • Turn your transparent salt shakers into winter wonderland scenes by inserting miniature Christmas trees (

  • Make your own Advent Calendar! Use small, coin envelopes ( and glue them onto a large frame or board. Decorate with string, stickers, stamps, etc. & fill with candy

  • Forget typical expensive wrapping paper, and go green by re-using house hold newspaper and other paper items. You can tape, glue or thread edges together for an extra clean touch

  • Save your coffee filters, dry them, and then use them as garland!

  • Purchase inexpensive transparent ornaments, and fill them with wood chips, shiny beads, feathers, shredded white paper, tinsel, and more

  • Paint your own ornaments - with heavy duty cardboard, you can cut out your own shapes and paint a unique winter scene

  • Make a Honeycomb Wreath - save cardboard tubes from toilet paper, paper towels, wrapping paper, mailing tubes, and recycle them into a wreath (

  • Make an advent calendar out of small matchboxes

  • Pinecone ornaments - source your own pinecones from your front yard, and spray paint them winter whites, silvers and golds

  • Get creative with tree decor and try hanging vintage skeleton keys

  • Make a ribbon tree of family christmas cards (

  • Repurpose pincushions (formerly used to store sewing pins/needles) as ornaments

  • Cover kitchen cabinets/pantries with wrapping paper - the whole room will feel like a present

  • Repurpose baking molds and cookie cutters as Christmas tree ornaments, as well. Simply secure the string with a knot or a dab of glue, and hang

  • Use candles as centerpieces and decorate them with ribbon and glitter

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