Enjoy Christmas on a Tight Budget

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  • Gift a thoughtful, heartfelt letter or handmade card instead of a random object. Take a step further, and safeguard it in a personalized frame.

  • Bring your own eggnog and thermos of hot cocoa to tour neighborhood Christmas lights

  • Shop at consignment stores or even find various objects/toys on https://www.craigslist.com & https://www.ebay.com on discount

  • Focus your activities on experiences & family values rather than presents & treats

  • Send your holiday card/photo via email instead of regular snail mail. This will help you save on printing & postage

  • Make meals & treats at home, as opposed to pre-bought or dining in a restaurant

  • Craft your own ornaments instead of purchasing them

  • Plan a scavenger hunt for the kids to find smaller, inexpensive gifting items (i.e. gum, stickers, markers, etc.)

  • Make donations in your family\'s name instead of giving gifts

  • Don\'t forget, this is a massive sale season! Take advantage of different store discounts for gifts

  • Decorate your tree with household items - string things like popcorn & berries on a thread and drape them like garland

  • Bake your Christmas gifts!

  • Sell your older/used toys or clothes to a consignment shop in exchange for cash to purchase new ones

  • Take your family Christmas caroling, spreading joy to others

  • Consider charitable activities, like taking Christmas treats to the elderly in a nursing home

  • Pack Christmas stockings with fruit to help fill space

  • Offer a holiday journal or diary to your children in which they learn to record reasons for which they are grateful

  • Craft your own decorations at home! Some ideas to get you started: https://goo.gl/mmFN4n

  • Re-gifting - it\'s not as terrible as you think! And it\'s really quite common. Save yourself some bucks, and repurpose the treat basket or bottle of wine

  • How about a family holiday photo in PJ\'s? Don\'t purchase expensive clothing for this annual photo - try a casual one this year!

  • Save on your winter electric bill by NOT using lights on your Christmas tree, but rather decorating with other shiny objects like lame tinsel and silky ribbons

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