How to Use Page 1 Results as a Roadmap for Ranking

  • Hone in on the top 3-5 listings on page 1. What are they doing that you’re not? Observe everything from title tag length to words used in the meta description.

  • Inspect their Page Source in your browser, and confirm that the title tags and meta description match the ones listed for that site in Google. If not, you can learn that Google chose alternates, which says something about the quality of the originals.

  • Using the top 3-5 listings, clarify the user intent for your keywords (informational, transactional, navigational). Are the results that come up comparable to yours?

  • Now that you\'ve seen what your competitors have done with their title tags, ask yourself - how can I make mine stand out?

  • Now that your title tags are set, write the most alluring meta descriptions known to man. Include a free offer, call to action, social proof – whatever it takes. Compare yours to what\'s currently listed, and make sure the click through is a no brainer.

  • Click through and read their actual content. Is there something they addressed that you didn’t? Did they give the reader a different perspective? How can you improve yours? 

This checklist was created by kristenstack

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