How To Claim Your Google My Business Profile

How To Claim Your Google My Business Profile
  • Go to 

  • Claim Your Business

  • Describe your business with up to 750 words about your business and your products and services. Fill out every field in your Google profile - business name, address, hours and website.. 

  • List your business\'s keywords that customers might use to find a business like yours. 

  • Choose your business category from the menu provided by Google. If there is not an exact match for your business, see what category your competitors use. 

  • Google will require you to verify you are the owner of the business either by telephone or by postcard. Follow the directions exactly to make this go as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

  • Add photos, your logo, videos, articles, special offers, sales and other information to help people find and use your business. 

  • Ask your customers, vendors and colleagues to give you a Google review. Respond to EVERY review - even a negative review - to show Google and people that you read and care about your reviews. 

  • Your Google profile has a Questions and Answers section anyone can post on. Monitor your Q&A for questions - and wrong answers by the public! - to be sure you have accurate information on your Google profile. 

  • Use Google Maps to Drive Traffic to Your Business

  • Once your Google profile is complete, keep it updated and regularly add Google posts - new offers and product information or blog posts - whatever you think a potential customer would want to know about your business.

  • Manage your Google My Business from your phone with the iOS or Android app.

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