The Complete SEO Checklist

  • 1. Create a Sitemap

  • Sitemaps instruct the search engines where to find crucial content on your website, which they can crawl and index. This is how it looks: Generally, you can find yours at

  • 2. Create and add Robots.txt file to your website

  • This is a plain text file that tells the search engines where they can and cannot go on your website. It looks like this: As you can see above, the robots.txt file includes a link to the sitemap whic

  • 3. Install Yoast SEO (if using WordPress)

  • It is a free plugin for WordPress. It helps you create sitemaps, optimizes metatags, applies ‘noindex’ attributes at required spaces and lots more. So, we can positively say it makes tedious technical things less tedious.

  • In case you do not use WordPress, then find the ‘Best SEO plugin for (your CMS) on Google. Note : Some Yoast alternatives like The SEO Framework and All in one SEO Pack are useful too.

  • I couldn\'t mention everything here because I have tone of images to back every list item. To view the full items, click here:

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