14 Interview Questions to Ask a New SEO Consultant

SEO Interview questions A list of interview questions for SEO consultants
  • How many SEO clients do you currently have and will you have time for my project?

  • May I see case studies with before and after traffic figures and analytics?

  • Can I speak to at least 2 of your last or current SEO clients?

  • What\'s you process or methodology like? Can you give me a brief overview? 

  • How often will you checkin, send us updates, and SEO reports?

  • How do you stay up-to-date with different industry trends?

  • What are some of you favorite SEO tools to use?

  • Is there anything unique, creative,  and different you did on a past SEO campaign?

  • How will you work with our current website team?

  • What tool can we use to stay in regular contact?

  • How do you define the success of an SEO project or campaign? 

  • Have you worked in our industry and does that matter?

  • How long is the contract for? Is there a minimum commitment?

  • How will you earn links to our site? Can you provide any examples?

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