Improvements with Website Redesign

  • With New design We are aiming for

  • Better Conversion Through Ratio

  • Better User Experience

  • Clear UI, UX, and Navigation

  • Decent Loading Speed

  • Secure Using HTTPs

  • Mobile Friendly and Platform Responsive Design

  • Technical SEO Issues Free Website

  • Content Optimization

  • SERP Optimized Website

  • Multilingual Website

  • Elements/ Features on New Website

  • CTA is Header - So it will be easily available on everypage on the website

  • Inclusion of Website Blog

  • We can also add FAQ section on the website

  • Inclusion of Schema MarkUps

  • Section For Customer Testimonial (Video /Text)

  • Add Videos/Infographics on the website

  • Inclusion of Google Analytics, Search Console

  • Social Media Integration on the website

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