Our Major Findings

  • Targeted Geographical Location - Netherlands and Near By Areas

  • Other than Website, No Digital Presence Available

  • Website Content Language is Dutch (We can create Multilingual Website, to target Non Dutch Audience)

  • No Media Presence

  • No Digital Branding Available

  • Competitors Analysis

  • Have Video Content On the website defining the services and Products

  • Have Micro Integrations of the website to engage the Audience

  • Multilingual but Primary Language of the website is English

  • Have Good Sum of Content on the website in the form of Blog, news, events, Case studies and Page\'s content

  • Have some free stuff for audience to download

  • Clear fonts style, color, size etc.

  • Use of Bright colors

  • Multiple Contact us Forms

  • Have Amazing Presence of Social Media Channels

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