Clean Your Kitchen In 10 Days!

  • Day One: Remove all clutter from counter tops. Extra papers, pens, utensils, cups and plates - everything needs to find a home or go in the trash! Wipe down counters.

  • Day Two: Empty your sink! You should end every night with a clean sink to reduce stress. Do all dishes and put them where they need to go. Fill dishwasher then empty it as well.

  • Day Three: Organize your pantry. Get rid of empty boxes and old stale food. Organize cans on one shelf and boxes on the other, misc. on the next shelf. You\'ll be so happy you did this!

  • Day Four: Organize and clean your fridge. This is a scary one but you can do it! Remove all old food and spray surfaces. Let them SOAK before wiping these tough-to-remove food droppings.

  • Day Five: Clean your microwave! This is an easy one. Microwave a bowl of water with all-purpose cleaner for 3 minutes - the steam will make the inside easy to wipe out! Spray and wipe down outside.

  • Day Six: Organize your junk drawer. Let\'s face it...everyone has one. No explanation needed! Toss out junk and keep only what\'s necessary.

  • Day Seven: Organize under the sink. Where most cleaning supplies go and other miscellaneous items. Throw out stuff you don\'t need and make everything accessible.

  • Day Eight: Take a break and create a daily chore list that will enable you to keep up with your clean kitchen!

  • Day Nine: Finish organizing other pantries and cupboards that need some TLC.

  • Day Ten: Do your dishes, wipe down counters, put things in their \'home,\' and end the night with a clean sink!

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